Usher at war with record label

Posted February 8, 2010 by JJSaidIt Staff


First Usher had to battle through a bad marriage and now he’s on his way to a divorce with his record label.


They say bad luck comes in threes… I wonder what happens next. 

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Usher dating Chilli again?

Posted February 1, 2010 by JJSaidIt Staff



The rumor mills has been churning hard on this one.  I met Chilli in New York not to long ago and she still looks good.


I wouldn’t be surprised to see them back together…but for now their just "friends".

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Usher is back with another hit song

Posted January 27, 2010 by JJSaidIt Staff



It’s only a sneak peak video but you can see the ole’ school Usher swagger is back.  Let’s just say he won’t be getting married again anytime soon.

Usher’s new music – ‘More’

Posted January 19, 2010 by JJSaidIt Staff



I’m feeling this new joint by Usher.  It sounds like he’s finally gotten over that crazy ex-wife of his and started making good music.  Check it out!

Theft – Usher robbed for $1M

Posted January 12, 2010 by JJSaidIt Staff



Am I the only one thinking his ex-wife had something to do with this.

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How Usher keeps from going crazy

Posted July 12, 2009 by JJSaidIt Staff






Usher says his children keep him from going crazy.


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Usher ‘hit it’ one more time before divorce

Posted July 2, 2009 by JJSaidIt Staff




Usher’s estranged wife had no idea he planned to divorce her.


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Usher finally dumps his crazy wife

Posted June 12, 2009 by JJSaidIt Staff


Usher_Tameka Foster


R&B star USHER and his wife are reportedly planning to divorce after almost two years of marriage.


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Posted May 21, 2009 by JJSaidIt Staff


Usher couple ASHTON KUTCHER and DEMI MOORE have a new disciple - R&B superstar USHER.


Usher can’t recognize a hit song

Posted April 3, 2009 by JJSaidIt Staff



R&B superstar USHER almost shelved plans to include his hit single YEAH! on his CONFESSIONS album, after learning producer LIL JON had given the same beat to another artist.


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