Mariah – Nick Cannon shooting blanks

Posted May 19, 2010 by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon



Mariah Carey is on a race against father time to have kids…and apparently she’s not winning.

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Hefner cheated on by playmates

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From being a playa to being played…my how the tables have turned on Hugh Hefner.

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Rick Ross Super High with Ne-Yo

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Ne-Yo, Rick Ross



Rick Ross has found a niche with r&b/hip-hop collaborations aimed at women…I think Tupac created that blueprint.

How much for a Jay-Z watch

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Jay-Z



Way too much for me and you…combined!

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Plies gets goon affiliated

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Plies



Learn a little more about Plies and why he’s Goon Affiliated…only if you care.

Terrence Howard got married

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Terrence Howard



One of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors is off the market…and he exposed the secret marriage himself.

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Why Jada Pinkett likes sexting

Posted May 18, 2010 by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Jada Pinkett Smith



Jada is a lady in the streets and a freak on the phone…betta hope nobody steals her cell phone.

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Rihanna wants to be a rock star

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Rihanna



If anybody can teach you how to be a Rockstar it’s definitely RiRi…just a sneak preview.  Enjoy!

Michael Jackson handwriting for sale

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Michael Jackson



How much would you pay for Michael Jackson’s handwritten song lyrics to Beat It…a whole lot!

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FloRida and T-Pain making radio hits

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Flo Rida, T-Pain



Brace yourself for something new, ground breaking and original from FloRida and T-Pain…yea right!  Unfortunately we’ll be hearing this on the radio all summer.

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