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JohnJohnSaidIt is an online news tabloid delivering original Celebrity Gossip on Hip-Hop News, Hollywood Rumors, and Urban Entertainment. JohnJohn originally created this blog to showcase his music as a hiphop artist and ultimately the website has grown into a premier celebrity news & music site.


JohnJohn still keeps himself rooted in the hiphop scene and records music whenever possible. In addition to being an accomplished Entertainment writer, JohnJohn is also a voting member of the Grammy Association and considered an expert on everything hiphop and urban. Click here for more on JohnJohn’s music


Our dedicated team specializes in delivering ‘the good stuff’ you want to know.  Our motivation is simple.  “If I don’t…who will?”


Meet Our Team


DeniseSaidIt, Contributor

Denise is a student of life and graduated from the school of ‘I aint scared of you’.  Every team needs someone who will always be honest even if it hurts.  In other words, she’s always hurting us.  She recently returned to school to pursue her degree in Business/Communications and will ask for a raise as soon as she graduates.


Desha’eSaidIt, Editor

Desha’e is a college graduate with a degree in Teaching.  Writing and gossip have been her passions forever, and now she teaches the world how to ‘tell it like it is’.  But, who can’t love a woman that’s smart, beautiful, and can cook the best fried chicken in the world.


JohnJohnSaidIt, Content Manager

A college graduate with a Bachelors in Communications and Masters in Finance.  He thinks he’s the boss, but the two ladies mentioned above truly run the show.  He believes most celebrities walk a fine line between genius and insanity, and his job is to catch them walking on both sides of that line.


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