Lil Wayne gets in more trouble

Posted May 11, 2010 by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Lil Wayne



You’ll be surprised by what is considered contraband in prison…Wayne found out the hard way.

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Drake will Find Your Love

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Drake



Not sure if Drake’s a better rapper or a singer…you tell me!

Rihanna cost $45k per hour

Posted May 10, 2010 by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Rihanna



You to can rent Rihanna by the hour…but she ain’t coming cheap.

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Rihanna failed moonwalk attempt

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Rihanna



This was so bad…even Rihanna had to laugh at herself.

Toni Braxton can’t have kids

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Toni braxton



When having kids can kill you…don’t have kids.  We wish Toni well.

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Basketball Wives…chick fight!!!

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Entertainment



I watch way too much TV including Vh1’s Basketball Wives…be warned that you might kill several brain cells watching this video.

Black Eyed Peas will pay your mortgage

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Black Eyed Peas



Its feel good to report good news…and its no coincidence that good music usually comes from good people.

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Trina still the baddest…

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Trina



Every body who’s trying to be somebody showed up at Trina’s album release party. 


We have much love for Trina and the Slip-n-Slide records crew…especially since their regular visitors to

Beyonce vs Kelly Rowland beef?

Posted May 9, 2010 by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Beyonce, Kelly Rowland



And here we go again…Beef makes for good headlines but that’s about it.

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Lil Wayne and Cash Money are the Devil

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Lil Wayne



When having money is your claim to fame…why would you steal royalties from music producers! 

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