Jamie Foxx buys his boyfriend a gift

Posted May 6, 2010 by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Jamie Foxx



My bad…that’s how rumors get started.  But he did by a suspected gay Hollywood actor a very expensive birthday gift.

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The Game of kids

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If you can’t tell your kids what you do for a living…maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.

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Nas can’t afford Kelis

Posted May 5, 2010 by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Kelis, nas



I tried to tell Nas it was cheaper to keep her…now he’s begging for help!

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Nelly confronts his groupie

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Nelly



Everything in the dark comes out in the light…that includes Nelly’s groupie love!

Drake kicks with CNN

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Drake



Get into the mind of Drake…btw, I didn’t even know he was Jewish.

Marques Houston does it "Tonight"

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Marques Houston, Ne-Yo



Not sure if I would be interested in a full album from Marques…but this song has the potential to be a crossover hit .  Reminds me of Ne-Yo!

THE DREAM feat. LUDACRIS "Love King"

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Ludacris, The Dream



Another dose of what I call hip-hop R&B…they say this is the new baby-making music.  Whatcha think?

Mary J Blige getting a divorce?

Posted May 4, 2010 by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Mary J. Blige



Couples fight and even though Mary was once caught punching her husband in the face…that doesn’t exactly mean their headed to divorce court. 


O’yea, the video is below!

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Young Jeezy give us an Intro

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: Young Jeezy



New leaked music from Jeezy means its almost time for his album release.  Get ready for the media blitz…we’re about to see him everywhere.

Alicia Keys writing style

Posted by JJSaidIt Staff |Category: alicia keys




I still write my lyrics with pen and paper because I like to see the process…but Alicia takes a different approach.

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