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If you can’t tell your kids what you do for a living…maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.



THE GAME’s two young sons have no idea their father is a famous hip-hop star and are convinced the rapper’s moniker derives from his impressive video game skills.


The Game admits his kids are mostly unaware of their dad’s music career – and he’d prefer to keep it that way.


He tells, "I don’t think they have an idea. They (are) seven and almost three, they don’t have any idea, man. I don’t think they really get it yet and I don’t want them to know.”


"I keep my kids as far away from my rap career as possible. Harlem, he’s the oldest, seven, and he still doesn’t even know. I asked him just two days ago: ‘Do you know daddy’s name?’ He’s like, ‘Jayceon’. I’m like, ‘No, my other name.’ He’s like, ‘Game.’ I’m like, ‘Why you think they call me Game?’ He’s like, ‘Cause you play video games?’


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