Usher and Jermaine Dupri beef

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Most relationships end ugly…especially when money and big egos clash.



Usher has been blasted as "disrespectful" by his former producer, Jermaine Dupri.


Jermaine – who was behind Usher’s 2004 album ‘Confessions’- said he will have no more to do with usher because he feels he snubbed him when it came to making his latest album ‘Raymond Vs Raymond’.


He said: "Well, I didn’t really want to be executive producer of Usher’s projects after ‘Confessions’.


"You sold more records than any other artist in this decade based on that album and now I have to ask Usher, ‘Am I the executive producer of your next album?’ That seems disrespectful to me."


He added: "I don’t feel like I’m supposed to ask to produce anymore. People are supposed to come to me and tell me that I’m the executive producer. That’s why I get more kicks working with younger artists."


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