Kimora Lee got married before her divorce was final

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Djimon Hounson and Kimora Lee


Kimora Lee Simmons and boyfriend, actor and model Djimon Hounsou couldn’t wait to tie the knot…so they got hitched in Africa.


Although the couple’s union isn’t official in the United States, apparently they had a wedding ceremony in Djimon’s native town Benin, Africa over the summer.


Because Kimora’s divorce to Russell Simmons was yet to be finalized, they were not able to make it official in the states.  As of January (09), Russell and Kimora’s divorce has been finalized.


Sources claim Kimora went all out with the wedding ceremony including traditional dashikis and Africian drums.  The couple danced to traditional music during the ceremony and even consummated the marriage in their own hut.


Kimora’s daughters with Russell, Aoki and Ming were along for the ceremony and sources say that they were very confused.  While Aoki slept through the vows, Ming cried.


Rumor has it that the couple had talked about having a baby together, but Kimora wanted to be married before getting pregnant, and therefore she rushed to the altar in Africa even though she would be legally divorced in 6 months. 


Basically the couple gets the best of both worlds because technically their married, but since the US won’t recognize the marriage then they won’t have to worry about ‘prenumps’.


Interesting…Best of luck to them.


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  1. KaMiah Monique's comment says

    On March 11, 2009 at 2:00 am

    I love her spunk and personality, atleast from what i’ve seen so far.
    I’m just upset that she now has a track record of having relationships with ugly men! lol
    Don’t get me wrong, I wish them all the best, and you never know who God will bless you with, but damn! …oh well, as long as she’s happy i guess.

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