Lil Wayne loves his baby-mamas’

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Rapper LIL WAYNE has paid tribute to the mothers of his two kids for making sure the busy star always gets to spend quality time with his son and daughter – whenever he wants.



The hitmaker admits life on the road means he often spends months away from his kids – but his former lovers go out of their way to make sure they’re always available when he calls or requests a meeting.


In a new Rolling Stone article, the rapper says, "The mothers of my kids are great… If I’m calling at three in the morning because I’m in Europe, they’re willing to jump on that call: ‘Wake up! It’s your daddy’.


"If I haven’t seen my daughter (Reginae, 10) in two months and want to see her, her mum’s packing her stuff up, asking where to send it."



These women get paid millions to raise his kids…they better be willing to jump through hoops.


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