Trina looking for full-figured models

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If you’re a woman with a full-figure…Trina’s wants you.



Hip-hop star TRINA is stepping into fashion – she’s designing a range of clothing for full-figured women and she’s looking for models.


The rapper signed up a number of designers to collaborate on her debut line, which she has dubbed Diamond Girl, but decided to take back full control of the project after growing frustrated with their ideas.


And the Here We Go hitmaker is convinced her curvy female fans will love the clothes.


She says, "It’s a beautiful line, I’ve worked with so many different designers that I wasn’t too pleased with the work, so I put a stop to it and revamped it. So now the jeans are actually to fit curvy, bodacious, beautiful women and I will be looking for models so be ready."


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    On May 1, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    lol cool info man.

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