Lil Wayne makes more bad excuses

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Rapper LIL WAYNE is attempting to have drug charges filed against him in 2008 dropped on the grounds that sniffer dogs which uncovered the illegal substances were not properly trained.


The Lollipop hitmaker, real name Dwayne Carter, Jr., was arrested in Yuma, Arizona last January at a Border Patrol checkpoint when officials allegedly found cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana on his tour bus.


Carter was booked on three drug possession charges. An additional weapons charge was subsequently dropped after the .40 caliber pistol found on the bus was discovered to be registered to the star in Florida.


But Carter’s lawyer is trying to have the counts scrapped altogether – he appeared in court on Tuesday to argue that the dogs trained to sniff out the drugs were unreliable, therefore rendering the search illegal.


The judge presiding over the case had yet to rule on the motion as we went to press.


Carter has yet to receive a start date for his trial, although in May he won a media ban preventing cameras from the courtroom when he eventually does take the stand.


The rapper is also facing trial in New York on gun possession charges stemming from a 2007 arrest in the Big .


In March the star was exonerated of felony drug charges in Atlanta, Georgia after a judge ruled a police search at the time of his 2006 arrest in the state was carried out illegally.


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