Tyra Banks… ‘I am scared of black people’

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The Tyra Banks show addresses the powerful issue of stereotypes and the perception we have of each other. 


As one girl said… “I’m scared of black people.”  It’s time to be honest with each other.


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  1. Pro's comment says

    On March 26, 2009 at 7:01 pm

    The whole show sounds bogus and Jerry springer to me, the racist I deal with are way more advanced, Them Caveman racist. Racist I deal with smile and shake your hand got black neighbors and hold positions that deal with all kinds of people. When everybody looken they got a positive attitude and good wishes and probably cool people to be around outside the fact they hate you cuz you not white. Them dudes on the show is the least of my racist problems, I can see them a mile away.

    I tell you, If you ever want to expose a racist…. use kindness,, if they realy racist the hate they got hiding on the inside will start to come out for everybody to see but hate without fuel cant last forever… people can only hate for so long without reason.

  2. DB's comment says

    On April 1, 2009 at 3:10 am

    Hmm I must agree with the comments above. It started well the idea of a social experiment to discover true perceptions on race. however as a commercial programme. Tyra is ,I must stress NOT in the position to illicit further analysis of perceptions as a TV host. Her views of Chistian for example although perhaps shard by many, only pushed him further in the corner of ‘repentance’. He had no choice at the end but to say his views had changed. At 19 he is a product and thus victim of the reality tv generation as were they all. They know all to well that there has to be some kind of ‘coming together ‘ at the end and stating what you learn.. but a real social experiment does not conclude with a conclusion .. it actually creates more questions than it answers. As a man of colour I applaud Tyra for the attempt to create this discourse. Perceptions do not change over night but are a product of generations . the children at the end recite words they here naturally from their parents. Perhaps they were randomly selected , and if so then they are beautiful rays of hope for how the future could learn to see .. or not see race and colour.

  3. white man's comment says

    On December 12, 2009 at 4:57 am

    I often worry secretly that some random black person is going to kill someone I love.


    Because niggers are crazy.

    For real…I honestly worry every time my father leaves the house alone, that because he is old, that some random crazy negro is going to attack him for whatever reason and I wont be there to defend him. I worry alot about this.

    Lets face the issue…some black people are fucking crazy and violent, quite threatening for no good reason.

    I dont want to harm anyone and I dont want to be harmed. I am willing to leave you alone, just leave me alone and please dont hurt my family, haha….crazy fear.

    Id rather some crazy negro kill me than my family.

    bizzare fear brought on by years of negative contact with black people. Their behavior is what has spawned this fear. I am worried, some random black person will respond in a irrational violent manner toward some supposed falsely believe hostile action on the part of myself or worse someone I care about and murder them and I wont be there to protect them. I am very afraid of this happening because I would feel great shame & guilt for not being there to protect them. I try very hard not to appear hostile toward blacks because I dont want to disturb them, make them angry because its kind no win situation.

    regardless of who you are….just calm down and take your hand off the trigger, no need for violence, which is force. Force is used often as a result of communication break down, no need to go ape and descend into a lord of the flies type situation.

    I wont hurt you, please dont hurt me. I just want to walk down the street without getting assaulted thats all.

    Have a nice day, but yeah…I dont blame you tyra or whatever your name is, I feel the same way.

    I am worried about it too. Lets just be nice to one another for the sake of being nice to one another because it feels better that way. For the love of god, please dont randomly stab me in the face, haha.

  4. Lindsay's comment says

    On May 12, 2010 at 8:33 am

    Wow.. watching this video just gave me douche chills.. That dick weed in the mock turtle neck is scary because he is the norm for the area that he came from.

    Its all about looking at people on the individual level.

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