Whitney Houston acting strange

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WHITNEY HOUSTON was so terrified of showcasing her new album at a launch party, she hid in another room until the entire CD had played.


The singer is currently trying to work her way back to the top of the charts with I Look To You, her first record in seven years.


She threw an exclusive listening party at London’s Mandarin Oriental hotel on Tuesday, where she hoped to impress industry executives and leading journalists with a preview of the CD.


But the 45 year old was too consumed by nerves to sit and listen to her songs, cowering in an adjacent room during the playback.


A source tells us, "There were music press from around the world and VIP guests present. Whitney was so nervous she was hiding behind a door while everyone listened." 

Several party goers claim that Houston seemed “under the influence of “something…she was real paranoid”. 


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  1. Jim Bob's comment says

    On July 21, 2009 at 7:59 am

    Crazy woman. They should have told her to get out there or they were bringing Bobby in to take her out there.

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