Diddy dirty money gets out of hand

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You gotta love or hate Diddy but you won’t believe the latest stunt he pulled…actually you probably will!



P. Diddy was accompanied by a team of perfume sprayers on a recent night out.


The rapper amazed revelers at London’s Runway club by demanding the DJ play a 40-minute set of his songs to signal his arrival and then insisting on having his own Sean John fragrance sprayed into the room every 20 minutes.


A source said: "All eyes were on Diddy. You could smell him coming a mile off. It was as if a king had arrived in the building – but you could hardly see him under all that mist from the perfume.


"His songs were played back-to-back for 40 minutes for his grand entrance. Girls were throwing themselves at him – it was wild."


According to onlookers, the 40-year-old star – real name Sean Combs – required the bartenders to only serve Ciroc, the upmarket brand of vodka he endorses, and was followed everywhere by an assistant carrying his scarf and coat in case he got cold.  In addition, 3 bikini clad women surrounded him in club, but the women weren’t allowed to look at or speak to "King Diddy".


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  1. Pro's comment says

    On March 10, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    lol… Marketing Genius if you ask me but absolutley all about the attention he generates to his brand doing stunts like that. He’s constantly thinking bout ways to market himself.

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