Justin Timberlake ready to fight

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JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’s patience was tested on Tuesday as he faced off with an aggressive paparazzo who got too close to the star.



The singer was climbing out of his car after arriving at an hotel in Los Angeles when he was met by a snapper calling out to him in an attempt to get his shot.


A frustrated Timberlake was spotted trying to get past the man, who proceeded to bound directly in front of the star, putting down his camera and stepping up to his face.


But Timberlake refused to let the row come to blows, and kept his cool by crossing his arms and even shoving his fists into his jean pockets as the furious cameraman angrily shouted at him.


An onlooker says, "No one could hear what this was all about but the photographer was clearly cursing Justin out. But Justin was really cool – he just faced him down until his body guards shoved the man out of the way.”


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