Chilli and T-Boz on death of Left Eye

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Did I mention TLC is the best selling female group of All-Time…even more so than Destiny’s Child.


R.I.P Left Eye…can you believe its been 8 years.

T-Boz may really be broke

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TLC stars financial troubles seem more than just rumors.


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T-Boz headed to foreclosure

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The mortgage meltdown is hitting everybody including celebrities. TMZ reported that T-Boz, formerly of TLC, is about to lose her home in Georgia after falling behind in mortgage payments.


The singer is said to have defaulted on the original principal of her mortgage, which was about $530,000.


Shortly after TMZ’s report, T-Boz reportedly spoke publicly and said her house isn’t foreclosing, but instead it’s her ex-husband, rapper Mack-10, who’s house is foreclosing.


Either way, somebody was chasing a waterfall.




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