Death – Tila Tequila on suicide watch

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Lesbian or not…to lose your fiancée must be devastating.  Hang in there Tila…you little chiwawa looking girl.


Tequila has been vilified in the media for opening up about her feelings for her tragic lover via social networking website, but now she reveals she was not in her right mind.


The model/singer admits she really struggled with her partner’s death in the days following the tragedy.


She tells People magazine, "It really hit me when I found all the cards she had written me. My therapist put me on suicide watch."


"I’ve been getting help but I’m fine now. I know Casey wants me to be alive and she hates seeing me like this. She always hated it when she would see me cry."


Tequila, real name Tila Nguyen, and socialite Johnson had been engaged for a month and were planning to start a family together.


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