Dwayne Wade ex-wife lands in jail

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Divorce is ugly but this is getting down right nasty.  Some blame Gabrielle Union…I just feel bad for the kids.



The estranged wife of GABRIELLE UNION’s basketball star boyfriend DWAYNE WADE was taken into custody on Tuesday (11May10) after missing a hearing in their bitter public divorce battle.


Miami Heat player Wade, who is currently dating the Bring It On star, has been embroiled in divorce proceedings with Siohvaughn Wade, the mother of his two children, since 2007.


Union was dragged into the feud last week (05May10) when Siohvaughn filed suit against Dwyane, accusing him of engaging in "sexual foreplay" with the actress in front of their two sons, aged eight and two.


The estranged couple was due to attend a scheduled divorce hearing in Chicago, Illinois on Monday (10May10) but Siohvaughn failed to appear. Her absence prompted Cook County Circuit Court Judge Marya Nega to give the athlete temporary custody of his children and issue a bench warrant for Siohvaughn’s arrest.


Siohvaughn turned up to court on Tuesday morning, claiming a car accident on Monday had prohibited her from attending the earlier hearing.


But Nega refused to accept her excuse for the no-show and Siohvaughn was jailed. Bail was set at $10,000 (£6,700), reports TMZ.com.


Union and Wade have both denied the accusations in Siohvaughn’s lawsuit.


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