Hulk Hogan’s wife wants more money after OJ comments

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 Linda Bollea Hulk Hogan


Former wrestler HULK HOGAN’s estranged wife LINDA BOLLEA is asking for thousands of dollars after he compared their ongoing divorce battle to O.J. SIMPSON’s murder trial.

Incarcerated Simpson was acquitted of killing his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman in 1993, but, like many people, Hogan thinks the fallen sports hero got away with murder.


And the wrestling icon admitted he understands what drives a man to kill his wife after battling his ex Linda in the divorce courts in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine.


In the article the tough guy, real name Terry Bollea, admits he was tempted to attack his wife "like O.J.", and the ensuing uproar prompted the star to swiftly clarify his comments.


His representative fired back: "Hulk in no way condones the O.J. situation. As part of a larger conversation, he referred to it to exemplify his frustration with his own situation."


But estranged wife Linda is not taking the comments lightly, and has filed court documents in Pinellas County, Florida claiming she feels she’s in "imminent danger of becoming a victim" and needs an additional $8,200 a month from the wrestling icon so she can move "thousands of miles away" from him.


Linda is also asking for $24,000 for "advanced rent and security deposits" to make the move from Miami, Florida to California, reports



I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger…


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  1. Nance M ..Florida's comment says

    On June 2, 2009 at 11:42 am

    Dear Linda…..

    Leave the guy alone..after all, as a soon to to be ex you are acting like you are in high school like your new boyfriend. You should be ashamed of yourself!!!
    You are not only embarrasing yourself, but your only daughter.
    The only reason you want to move to California is because you have worn out your welcome in Florida. You show up in court with smple makeup and traditional clothing unlike te way you normally act. Now you want more money. I guess when you have to support a 19 year old child you are sleeping with, stick your ex with the bill, right Linda????? How long before you left Terry did you start seeping with your teenage son’s friend?
    Why should anyone have to support your new found way of life? Many people in this area have seen you racing wth your kids on public streets and trying to get the attention of your kids male frends. You will not be missed around here at all! Grow up lady, act your age..not your IQ !!!!! Maybe you should take what you actually deserve in the divorce, move to California and make your boy-toy get a job to support you the way Terry did. Or you could always go into the porn industry and get paid for being the whore you are already acting like!!!!!!!

    By the way Linda, did the sate of California know your son’s license has been supended in Floida when they issued him a license? I’ll bet they find out now. Maybe some of your money can pay for him a personal driver.

    You are truly a gold digging piece of s–t! Good luck baby. I hope you move this boy to California and he finds a younger woman leaving your but. Afr all they way you spend it, your money won’t last long. Save some for a nursing home. The way you are going, you will need it sooner than you think. Good luck in the porn industry!

    A former neighbor
    an Terry supporterd

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