Jada Pinkett…’Black people can be Scientologist too’

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Actress makes comment on religion rumors.


Jada Pinkett Smith made heads turn after a recent statement regarding Scientology, the obscure religion practiced by many celebrities including Tom Cruise.


Apparently during filming of the pilot TV show “Times Heals”, a medical drama where Pinkett plays a nurse, the actress described her view on the afterlife, “Hey, for each his own…whatever gets you closer to your God.  Seriously…Black people can be Scientologist too,” according to a make-up assistant.


Several witnesses said the comments were well received by her cast members as they often joked or discussed spiritual matters during the filming.


Said one stand-in,”I guess you can’t help but talk about spiritual issues when you’re surrounded by death all day.  Even if you’re just acting…you’re dealing with life and death, and it seems so real”.


Pinkett only lends more fuel to the rumor that she and husband Will Smith have joined the Church of Scientology, especially after tax records revealed over $400k donated to Scientology organizations by the couple last year.


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  1. tee cee's comment says

    On January 12, 2009 at 7:17 am

    see when you rich and believe in this nonsense you are a studying Scientology….

    when you are poor they label you as paranoid schizophrenic and lock you in a mental hospital. i know if i was talking to a guy who believe we were aliens and got trapped in earth bodies and brained wash by the leaders to control population is pure foolishness…..

  2. JadaHada's comment says

    On August 17, 2009 at 12:58 am

    This chick is crazy. No sane Black person is going to listen to a “belief sytem” that enslaves us. Go to hell, Jada. You done lost your mind. Admit your lesbian tendencies and get real. This is so bizarre what these wannabe-rich Black people are doing. Stupid is the idiot that lands in her scholastic roach motel. Most of us are on some stupid trip to make it and Jada and her sellout friends (Oprah and Co.) are trying to drag us there. Well, no. Jada can be whatever she wants to be. WE are going to be everything BUT a Scientologist. LRH is a racist, don’t you believe this garbage. White people are trying to make us servants to these BIG-headed celebs who have their arms up their assh*les.

  3. Joshua's comment says

    On December 14, 2009 at 8:58 am

    Chill, Jada is not a scientologist. Neither is Will. I know for a fact.

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