Jamie Foxx buys his boyfriend a gift

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My bad…that’s how rumors get started.  But he did by a suspected gay Hollywood actor a very expensive birthday gift.



ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. struggled to accept an extra special birthday gift from JAMIE FOXX – because the horses the RAY star bought for his pal "terrified" the IRON MAN.


Downey, Jr. celebrated turning 45 last month (04Apr10) with a big bash emceed by Foxx, his co-star in The Soloist.


But he was left stunned when Foxx gifted him with two $25k horses for his new Malibu, California ranch – because the present was so over-the-top.


"We have this little farm, like horse ranch type thing now and he said, ‘I don’t know why you don’t have any horses – oh crap – now you do!’ And he got me horses. I’m terrified of horses. It’s ridiculous…"


And now Downey, Jr. fears he’s going to have to come up with a bigger and more elaborate present for Foxx when he turns 43 in December (10): "How do I top that? What do I get for him? What am I supposed to do?"


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