Eve blames Dr. Dre for failure to release album

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Rapper/actress Eve is desperate to release her long-awaited fourth album after fall-out with super-producer Dr. Dre.


The female rap star was originally due to drop her disc Here I Am on Interscope in a joint deal with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment in August 2007, but the CD was scrapped after “creative disagreements” with hiphop producer Dr. Dre led to months of haggling, and the CD never materialized.


According to insiders, “Dre was just to picky about the littlest things and wanted to change the album cover and was constantly “tweeking” songs til’ Eve just got fed up and went to another label.”


In a recent interview Eve went on to say, “Unfortunately I am caught up in a whole music label situation. The album is finally going to come out this spring or summer. But with all the time that passed, we went back in and reworked the whole thing.”

Eve has described her time with Interscope as being both depressing and often frustrating  which explains why she re-worked several of the song, “I had to get in there and put in some upbeat music that I wasn’t depressed about… It won’t be called Here I Am anymore. Now it’s called Flirt.


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  1. chocolate kiss's comment says

    On February 5, 2009 at 9:29 am

    With all this hype I hope its as good as her first album cuz she hasnt had a good one since then.

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