Lil Wayne’s rock album is ‘not good enough’ to release

Posted March 10, 2009 by JJSaidIt Staff



Rap superstar Lil Wayne’s experimental rock album has been put on hold indefinitely - after record bosses fears it may be a flop.


The rapper’s Rebirth rock album was originally due for release on 7 April (09), but last month (Feb09) it was postponed until 19 May (09).


Rumors suggested the delay was down to label bosses fearing Rebirth will be a flop compared to his Grammy-winning 2008 release, Tha Carter III.


And now a spokesperson for Universal Records has fueled the allegations after declaring the CD’s due date is now “to be determined”.


It sounds like Universal is scared to tell Lil Wayne the truth so I will…


“Wayne…that rock album is just not good enough.  Go back to the lab and make us a classic rap album…and please don’t use that auto-tune this time.”


Ok…so if you were Universal how would you tell him?


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  1. DJ D-Baby's comment says

    On March 11, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    It shouldn’t be up to Universal Records to say if Lil Wayne can or cannot put out an album. He came out with something new and put everything he had down on this so why shouldn’t he be able to put out HIS music and let HIS fans see if he can bring something new to the table like he does on every song. At first I hated Prom Queen but I decided to actually listen to it and not just take it as Weezy doing a rock song to try and attract listeners from a different genre. After listening to it a couple times I finally began jammin to it like I do to all of my favorite songs. So I say put the album out when you said you were going to and let the game rock to some rap!

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