Nick and Mariah are tired of us

Posted June 2, 2009 by JJSaidIt Staff


MARIAH CAREY and her husband NICK CANNON are growing tired of the endless speculation surrounding their house hunt in Los Angeles, insisting they haven’t bought any of the homes gossip websites, blogs and tabloids have suggested.


The couple has promised to fling open the doors of their new mystery mansion when renovations are complete - because Carey dreams of being on the cover of luxury lifestyle magazine Architectural Digest.


But, until then, they’d rather not answer endless questions about homes they haven’t bought.


Cannon says, "We’ve bought seven new homes in the past week… They’ve got pictures of houses that ain’t ours.


"We got a crib in Los Angeles and when it’s done, we (will) do what we do - the photoshoots."


And while interviewing his wife as guest host of the American Top 40 radio show over the weekend, Cannon revealed he can’t wait until his wife plays tour guide around their new home.


He says, "You are, like, the best tour guide for houses. You know how to show off your crib very well."


Despite Cannon’s claims the couple have bought none of the homes they’ve been linked to, insiders insist the pop pair plans to move into actress Farrah Fawcett’s former mansion in Bel Air.


If they only knew how tired of them we are.


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