Jay-Z summons Rihanna to New York

Posted March 16, 2009 by JJSaidIt Staff



Rihanna is returning to the public eye with style following her alleged altercation with Chris Brown as Jay-Z had her make a visit to New York.


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Jay-Z says… ‘White people love hiphop too’

Posted March 13, 2009 by JJSaidIt Staff




Jay-Z has credited hip-hop with improving race relations across America. 


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50 Cents wants to be like Jay-Z?

Posted January 28, 2009 by JJSaidIt Staff


50 Cent and Jay-Z 


Rapper 50 Cent is in awe of the way Jay-Z handles his critics.


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Jay-Z and Beyonce’s expensive addiction

Posted January 26, 2009 by JJSaidIt Staff


Beyonce and Jay-Z


Super couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce, diversify investments and creative interests.


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Beyonce gets diva attitude with Secret Service

Posted January 21, 2009 by JJSaidIt Staff




R&B singer makes unreasonable requests from Secret Service during inauguration.


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Jay-Z’s effort to purchase tell-all documentary rejected

Posted January 2, 2009 by JJSaidIt Staff



Former employee turns down multi-million dollar offer.


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Jay-Z loses millions on real estate deal

Posted December 29, 2008 by JJSaidIt Staff




Jay-Z is on the verge of losing $100 million in 2008 due to economy.


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Jay-Z + Madonna + U2 = Mo’ money….

Posted April 3, 2008 by JJSaidIt Staff

Sources are saying that Jay-Z will join the likes of Madonna and U2 by signing a multi-million dollar contract with Live Nation that will allow him to create his own record label. The deal is estimated to expand over 10 years….Won’t Jay-Z be like 72 years old by the time this contract expires

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Jay-Z + Beyonce = About time

Posted April 1, 2008 by JJSaidIt Staff

I guess it’s finally official that Beyonce and Jay-Z are a couple….like we didn’t already know…but now they seems to have wedding plans in their future as the superstar couple took out a marriage license in New York yesterday….I’m so happy for the two of them …..kinda reminds me of that Disney story….whats it called…..oyea, “Beauty and the Beast”

Seriously….the most important question is….do you think Jay-Z made Beyonce sign a “prenump”

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Jay-Z and Mary J Blige…Showtime

Posted March 22, 2008 by JJSaidIt Staff




Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige kicked off “The Heart of the City” tour in Miami this weekend and of course some big names were in attendance.


Tell the truth…don’t they look like brother and sista’?


Click below to see the backstage photos.


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