Kelly Rowland’s abusive dad

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Kelly Rowland doesn’t feel "ready" to search for her biological father.



The 28-year-old singer - who has not seen her dad since she was seven - has refuted reports she is tracking him down, claiming she couldn’t cope with the emotional upheaval at the moment.



She told Britain’s Heat Radio: "I don’t know who started that story! I haven’t actually. I feel like I’m not really ready for that yet, I’ve enough going on in my life to really open that up. Maybe later on in about 16 or 17 months. I told myself I’d work for 16 long months and then I’d take a vacation or a break, but now is not that time for me."



Kelly and her mother Doris Rowland Garrison left the family home because her father was "drunk and abusive".



The ‘When Love Takes Over’ singer has previously insisted she will meet up with him at some point in her life, adding she has no idea if he is even still alive.



She said: "I don’t know where he is but I hope he’s not dead. That would break my heart. I remember my dad being drunk and aggressive towards my mom but not me. It took courage for her to get away.



"I don’t know if he knows who I am or what I’ve done. He must be hiding under a rock if he doesn’t."


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