‘Big girl’ Mo’Nique loses 40 pounds

Posted June 3, 2009 by JJSaidIt Staff




Larger-than-life comedienne/actress MO’NIQUE is not so large anymore after shedding 40 pounds in weight to please her worried husband.


The Soul Plane star, real name Monique Imes, admits she felt compelled to lose the weight after a heartfelt chat with her partner Sidney Hicks.


Mo’Nique tells Jet magazine she had ballooned to 262 pounds at one point, prompting her husband to tell her she was too big.


She explains, "I decided that I had to get some of that off of me. Sid and I had a conversation. What he said to me was motivation… He said, ‘Baby, that’s too much, and I want you for a lifetime.’"


A much healthier-looking Mo’Nique is now fighting reports she went to extreme lengths to lose the weight - via a gastric-bypass operation.
She adds, "I’m so scared of needles."


Instead, she made dietary sacrifices and stopped eating red meat and hit the gym.


She says, "This was truly making the commitment to watch what I eat and commit to working out. I stopped eating red meat. I want to say to big people, ‘Let’s be healthy big people.’ Everybody can’t be a size 0… but let’s be healthy.’"


Mo’Nique is now determined to get her weight down to 200 pounds.



Ain’t nothing wrong with a lil’ baby fat.


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