Plies welcomes brother home from prison

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Hip-hop star PLIES has vowed to use his music to expose the injustices of the American penile system following his brother’s release from jail.


Plies was reunited with his brother Ronell ‘Big Gates’ Levatte on 9 April after he finished a three-year sentence in a Florida correctional facility.


Levatte, who co-founded Big Gates Records with Plies, was sentenced to prison because of his involvement in a 2006 shooting at a Gainesville, Florida nightclub.

And now Plies has pledged to use his rapping to raise awareness about the struggles of incarcerated people.


He says, "I think it’s (publicly addressing the prison system) important. (My brother and I) talked a long time yesterday and… he gave it to me in the simplest form possible. He said, ‘Behind that wall, there’s more people who are suffering, struggling, disappointed, sincerely hurting.’


"People will never understand it unless you are a part of that system… It’s a lot of pain and struggle that they go through. My new vow that I made to myself is that regardless of my situation and my fame, that’s something that’s always gonna be a part of me and my responsibility to do everything I can to make sure that those people’s voices behind those walls live on. I’ll always be a representation of them."



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