Kelly Rowland wont be like Beyonce

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DESTINY’S CHILD star KELLY ROWLAND has sewn shut any ambitions to follow footsteps of former bandmate BEYONCE KNOWLES .


The singer has gained a new respect for the designers as host of Bravo’s reality series The Fashion Show with celebrity designer Isaac Mizrahi.


Rowland has applauded the Halo hitmaker for launching her own range with her mother Tina, House of Dereon, but the singer insists she’s just not passionate enough about clothes to make a move into fashion.


She says, "Designing is not easy. I think clothing lines just pop up and people don’t realize there’s so much work and so much detail that goes into creating a whole line. I don’t want to do one. I’ll leave that to the designers.


I’ll figure out something else to be. You really have to have a passion for it, that’s with anything - but designing specifically.  Most of these artist just sign their name to get a check -  I’ll find another way to get that check.”


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